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Shipping Company Head Office


Type | Commision 
Design team | Xcon Xousos Architetural Division

Client | Aegean Shipping Management S.A. 
Location | Piraeus, Greece

Built area | 120 sqm
Project year | 

Status | Completed      



The project forms the inner space of a building owned by a shipping company that is based at the port of Piraeus, Greece. The main objective of the design is the axial separation of the functions between the main office and the seating area. This separation is achieved, through the elevation of a wooden platform.


The project takes place in space in such a way as to make use of the large openings overlooking the port of Piraeus. The use of large glass surfaces inside the office reflect the surroundings, creating a sense of invasion of the outside world inside the office. Lighting depressions in the bark of space create the sense of liberation from the rest of the working space. The office presents itself autonomous giving the illusion of direct contact of the casing with the external environment despite the integration of the built space.


The overall style is based on simple design in combination with glossy and mat materials such as metal, glass, stone, wood. The combination of these materials give the office pure lines that are durable in time.




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