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A vessel for Argo | 2nd PRIZE


Type| Competition - Museum
Design team| Asoosciate Architects : Tsabikos Petras | Dimitrios Kollaros, Sofia Zourelli, Emmanouil Symiakakis, Anastasia Goliomyti 

Client| Municipality of Volos
Location| Volos, Greece

Built area| 3.700 sqm
Project year| 2014

Status| 2nd Prizeplace        



The Vessel is oriented longitudinally, within the clearly defined site, in the direction of Kolhis, the reference point of the myth. This embolism expresses the entrance of the ship to the museum while attracting the city flow to the interior and thus creating the entrance to the museum. The Vessel transforms the orthogonal grid of the site into a landscaped system of undulating waves that converse with the park nearby, creating a new landscape topography that combines the enclosed and open spaces into a union.

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