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Olive Tree Sculpture


Type | Restauration - Cafe/Restaurant

Design Team | Associate Architect : Tsabikos Petras

Collaborators | Ioannis Farkonas, Alexios Tsitouras

Client | Private client

Location | Kalamata, Greece

Project year | 2013



    The architectural project concerns a renovation of a Café - Restaurant store in the central square of Kalamata, Messinia.The peripheral zone of the store gains its value from the view towards the plaza considered as an urban sculpture. A new sculpture is proposed in the core as a new event, in order to attract the city into the interior. The sculpture is a form of an olive tree, the most common tree in Kalamata.

    The free flow of the movement in the plaza continues to the interior space of the Café. The interior space is organized around cores and paths. The organization of the restaurant acquires order to create a space of serenity between the sculpture and the plaza.The sculpture unifies the two levels of the store and completes the form with a canopy which emerges at the elevation of the store.


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