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Hellenic Academy of Baltimore


Type | Commission- Educational Architecture

Design Team | Xcon Xousos Architectural Division

Client | St. Nicholas Orthodox Greek Church of Baltimore

Location | Baltimore, USA
Built Area | 3000.0 sqm

Project year | 2015




The Hellenic Academy of Baltimore is designed to accommodate the Hellenic School of St. Nicholas. Designed in continuation to the existing building of St. Nicholas Church the new building, emerges from the ground, high in the sky, creating a 300 seat amphitheatre, visible from the pedestrian level, classrooms, a museum, a library and an olive tree garden on the top floor supervising the entire city. Equipped with technology from the future, philhellene professors, teachers and philosophers from around the world will be able to teach the Greek Language, History, Tradition, Philosophy and Sciences, to the Hellenic Academy Students.


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