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Pulse Pedestrian Bridge


Type| International Ideas Competition - FootBridge
Architect| Xcon Xousos Architectural Division

Host| AC-CA
Location| Amsterdam, Holland

Project year| 2010

Status| Competition Entry    



    Motive Power : the need of people to make the impossible, to get across. A motive power, a pulse, capable of creating waves that vibrate in different phases. These waves create a transition bridging both banks of the Amstel River in Amsterdam, in front of the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum. 

    Two decks take are shaped in front of the museum. The southern one, starting from the existing level, ascends a slope of 5% and, following a curved trajectory, ends on the opposite bank. Heading back to the museum, the northern deck, higher than the southern, is accessible through a staircase.In the middle of the distance the deck sinks downward touching the water surface, continues in parallel with it, ascends to 5% slope towards the bank, then folds towars the west bank and creates the roof of the coffee shop. The coffee shop is integrated into the bridge with its floor being at the same height as the water river giving the feeling of floating. At the west bank  a bicycle repair station is located, as well as bicycle racks. The main body of the pedestrian bridge, made from recycled steel, is based on concrete foundations.The deck is made from wood and the railings from glass.




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