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Aids Memorial Park NYC


Type| Competition - Park
Design team|
Xcon Xousos Architectural Division

Client| New York City
Greenwich Village, New York City

Built area| 3000.0 sqm
Project year| 2012

Status| Competition Entry        



The terrible scourge of Aids, has killed multitude of indivinduals,through the years, all over t he world. Specifically in New York, one of the largest urban cities, the number of people, victims of the disease, are amounting over 100,000. The architectural proposal,listening to the needs of residents for a public green space within the urban fabric and the desire to honor the victims of this terrible disease by means of a monument, redefines urban square. A path which descents is generated, as this piece of land cut in two, with one end lifting and the other immersing in the earth. The levels created, are filled with canopy of trees, the walls, that now retain the city's forces are planted, while water gushes through them. At the end of this route, an open and a closed space below the fevel of the city, have been created. A place of remembrance for those who have died from this dangerous illness and those who have helped so many years, each in its own way, those suffering from Aids. A closed space of education for those who wish to learn and teach about the scourge. The people at the end of the route, most remote from the sounds and the lunacy of the cruel city, as these sounds are filtered through the water running inside the groove, sunk befow the level of the city, with the vision contained within

the narrow boundaries of t he square, with the planted walls, can now calm, think and honor.

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